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We’ve created this site to be your one stop source for hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power. Whether you use us to locate those hard to find items, or take a look at our expanded technical information pages, we are here to help you with your fluid power needs.

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HoseandFittings.com was launched in 1999, created as an extension to the “bricks and mortar” company Power Components Corporation.  Our goal is to help our consumers find the products they need at a price they can afford at HoseandFittings.com all from the convenience of their computer….

Bricks and Mortar

Power Components Corporation (PCC) is an industrial supplier with a tradition of excellent service and a commitment to find the product our customers want at a reasonable price….

We have spent the last 10 years working to develop one of the most comprehensive sites on the web for all your hose and fitting needs. We’ve created this site to be your one stop source for hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power.  Whether you use us to locate those hard to find items, or take a look at our expanded technical information pages, we are here to help you with your fluid power needs.

Custom Hose Assemblies

We are constantly adding products to our extensive inventory and always developing new content to our technical information, features, or specification pages.  You can even build your own hose assemblies. It doesn’t matter if it is a hydraulic or a standard shop air hose.  You build it on-line, and have the pre-made assembly shipped to you and ready to install.


What kind of HOSE are you looking for? We have it all; Air, Hydraulic, Fuel, DOT, Heater, Chemical, Mine Spray or Duct hose.  We offer a Made In USA drop-in equivalent Hose Ends for Parker, Weatherhead, Dayco, Aeroquip and Imperial Eastman.  The high quality hose ends can be crimped right in your current crimper, with no changes to your tooling.


We make it a point to offer fittings of all kinds: Steel, Stainless, Brass, Aluminum and even Black Pipe. We specialize in all types and sizes, including Metric Fittings!  We have an extensive stock of metric items, and our expert sales people will give you the help you need to find the parts that will solve your problem.  We also offer special custom made fittings, short run items, and large volume production.


Our Clamp section is top notch, you won’t believe all of the different clamps that are available.  Visit Clamps to see all the sizes types and materials for your upcoming job.


Quick Couplers can be confusing, but not to worry.  We have plenty of pictures, information, and technical data to make sure you match the coupling to your application.  Start by following the link and browse the images, and make sure you match up your part to ours.  If you’re not sure, give us a call; we’ll help you out.


Valves, Valve, Valves. We offer a vast array of valves for all industries: Ball Valves, Drain ValvesCheck Valves, Flow Controls, and Solenoid Valves.

Do you want precision? Check out our Stainless Instrumentation Fittings and Valves.

Do you need a Porta-Power or a Hose Reel?  We offer an endless selection.

Check out the Store.  We think you’ll like what you find.  If you can’t find it or need help finding it, give us a call and work with our customer service group.  We are here to help sort through your confusion.

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