Power Components

Power Components Corporation (PCC) is an industrial supplier with a tradition of excellent service and a commitment to find the product our customers want at a reasonable price.

Power Components Corporation was formed in 1978. It was started as a Power Transmission and Hydraulics distributor. Our primary suppliers were Parker Hannifin and Browning. Power Components was one of Parker’s first Parker Stores, and eventually became the world’s largest. Over time the company has become specialized in hydraulics, fluid power, repairs, power units and just about any type of fluid handling you can imagine.

Online Presence

We added an online presence in 1999 – HoseandFittings.com. With a 58,000 square foot warehouse full of hose, fittings and associated products we have the inventory you need to solve any problem. We also have industry experts available to answer any and all of your fluid hydraulics questions.

Product Knowledge and Experience

The spirit that created HoseandFittings.com can still be seen in practice today. We have gone beyond traditional boundaries, expanding the way we do business while maintaining customer service as our primary focus. Some of the products we carry have changed over the years; we now rely on quality products that are globally produced. We still offer Parker products on-line, but we focus on many other brands as well. These additional brands offer high quality with a price advantage.

Check out our On-Line Store and see for yourself our collection of hose valves and other products.

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