Ground Joint Hose Ends

Ground Joint Barb with Nut-200


Besides the hose stem with a swivel nut, a complete ground joint coupling needs the mating ground joint adapter to have a complete coupling.

The Hose Assemblies you are building here only include the hose barb with the wing nut like the picture to the left.  If you already have the mating adapter, nothing else is needed to go with your hose assembly.





If you don’t have the mating adapter, you will also have to order one of these adapters to complete your assembly.  The first is the most common combination for a ground joint coupling and is a NPT Female pipe thread which has the same size threads as the hose ID.  Part numbers for this option are GJF-050 for 1/2″, GJF-075 for 3/4″ and GJF-100 for 1″.




A Female Pipe may not be the best fit for your application.  Another combination would be a mating adapter having a NPT Male pipe thread on the terminating end of the adapter.  Part numbers for this option are GMS-050 for 1/2″, GMS-075 for 3/4″ and GMS-100 for 1″.





Finally, a third option for the mating adapter is a union which will connect two ground joint hose barbs.  Part numbers for this option are GDS-050 for 1/2″, GDS-075 for 3/4″ and GDS-100 for 1″.





BOSS Clamps are the recommended clamps to use with a ground joint hose barb.  For the hose assembly you are making, we use a 2 bolt BOSS clamp.  The lip of the clamp fits in the ring on the hose barb holding the hose barb in the hose for a good assembly.  Using the BOSS Clamps, the PSI Rating for Steam is 250 psi and Air is 600 psi.  The maximum operating temperature is 450°F.





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