Pin & Lug Hose Ends


NPSM Threads

NPSM stands for The National Standard Free-Fitting Straight Mechanical Pipe Thread.  NPSM has the same thread size and pitch as National Pipe Thread (NPT), but the threads on the NPSM are straight verses the taper found on NPT threads.  The seal on a NPSM thread is some type of Mechanical Seal.  On our NPSM Pin and Lug hose ends, that Mechanical Seal is the Buna-N Gasket found inside the Female Coupler.


NST Threads

NST stands for National Standard Threads and is commonly known as Fire Hose Threads.  NST is not the only abbreviation for standard fire hose threads.  Other designations for the exact same threads include Chemical Hose Thread (CHT) and National Hose (NH).  NST Threads are straight like the NPSM threads.  The NST threads in these pin & lug hose ends use the same type of mechanical seal as the NPSM threads, a Buna-N Gasket found inside the Female Coupler.


Size (inch) NPSM OD (inch) NPSM Threads per Inch   NST OD (inch) NST Threads per Inch
1-1/2 1.900 11-1/2   1.9900 9
2 2.375 11-1/2      
2-1/2 2.875 8   3.0686 7-1/2
3 3.500 8   3.6239 6
4 4.500 8   5.0109 4
6 6.625 8   7.0250 4


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