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It happens.  We sometimes end up with stuff we wish we never saw, wish we didn’t have or we ordered way too much of.  This page is created to get rid of those items.  I hope you can help us out to get rid of this stuff!

Donaldson P551424 Filters 

This was a credit card scam.  I had a new inside salesperson that was all excited to get the initial order for these filters.  A couple days later, the customer ordered more with a different credit card.  That card was declined and they gave us another card.  Now things started to smell and we re-routed the second order back to us before the customer got the filters.  

We lost the 1st order.  We all know who is on the hook with credit card transactions that go south.  

Our surprise came when Donaldson wouldn’t take our second order back.  So unless I unload the second order, I’ve lost the second order.  These are brand new factory sealed filters.

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Donaldson P551424 Filters

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