Cam and Groove Information



Size Represents the Coupler or Adapter and Hose or Pipe and (i.e. 200=2″).  If the Coupling is a Reducing Size, The Coupler or Adapter is the First Size (i.e 4030-C is 4″ Coupler to 3″ Hose Shank).


Operation of Cam and Groove

  1. To Make Connection, Slide the Adapter into the Coupler and with Normal Hand Pressure, Press the Cam Levers Down
  2. Uncoupling is as Quick and Simple as Coupling,  Just Lift the Cam Arms and Remove the Adapter


Specifications on Dixon® Cam and Groove


  • Dixon®, Boss-Lock and EZ Boss-Lock™ Cam & Groove Couplers and Adapters are produced to Interchange with All  Product Produced to Commercial Item Description A-A-59326D
  • No Standard Exists for the 1/2″, 5″, and 8″ Fittings, and Generally These Sizes do Not Interchange with Other Manufactures
  • Dust Caps and Dust Plugs are NOT to be Used in Pressure Applications for Safety and Environmental Reasons
  • Designed for Use with Liquids
  • Pressure Ratings:
    • Recommendations Based on the use of Mating Dixon® Fittings at Ambient Temperature 70°F (21°C) with Standard Bun-N-Seal Installed
    • For Use at Elevated Temperature or Other Unusual Operating Conditions Consult Dixon® 
    • Dixon® Boss-Lock™ and EZ Boss-Lock™ Couplers and Adapters Maximum Working Pressure are as Follows: 



Cam and Groove Nominal Take-Up Lengths



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