Flow Control and Needle Valve Difference Explained

Flow Control and Needle Valves are Often Interchanged, Resulting in Confusion When it Comes to Product Selection

Flow Control and Needle Valves are Used to Reduce the Rate of Flow in a Leg of a Pressure Circuit

Needle Valves Control Flow in Both Direction (bi-directional).  Flow Control Valves Control Flow in One Direction (free flow opposite direction)

Needle Valves are Utilized in Industrial Equipment to Regulate the Flow at Rates Set at Low Flow to a Final Halt.  Needle Valves are also Utilized where Precise Adjustment of Flow is Essential or where Small and Controlled Flow is Needed.  Needle Valves can Easily be Used as On and Off Valves, along with being Used in a System for Throttling

Flow Control Valves Control Feature a Simple By-Pass Check that Allows Rapid Free Flow from The Output Port through the Input Port

There are Two Types of Flow Controls.  A Meter Out, the Most Common, Controls the Exhaust Flow from an Actuator.  The Other, Meter In or Reverse Flow Control, Restricts the Flow to an Actuator

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