Norres Product Icons

♦ Increased Material Strength  ♦ Higher Abrasion Resistance  ♦ Improved Chemical Resistance  ♦ Higher Softening Points  ♦ Increased Heat Resistance  ♦ Increased Flexibility at Low Temperatures
ABRASION-LOGO ♦ Transport Very Abrasive Media While Maintaining a Long Service Life         ♦ Precise Construction for Optimal Strength Reinforcement      ♦ Specific Materials Chosen to Provide Superior Material Strength & Abrasion Resistance
Cush-Resistance-LOGO ♦ Resist Crushing Either Partially or Completely When Driven Over or Stepped on                         ♦ Good Recovery Properties
Smooth-Interior-LOGO ♦ Smooth Interior  ♦ Optimal Flow Properties  ♦ Very High Delivery Rate        ♦ Low Pressure Loss (Reduced Blower Power & Lower Operating Costs  ♦ Gentler Material Transport                ♦ Low Wear & Therefore Longer Service Life
Flexible-LOGO ♦ High Flexibility  ♦ Hoses that Require Minimal Force to Flex
Microbe-LOGO ♦ Microbe-Resistant  ♦ Critical Element for Extended Contact with Soil, Organic Substances or Heavy Contamination in Conditions Favorable to Microbe Growth  ♦ The Chemical Structure of this Material is Modified for Resistance to Microbial Attack
FOOD-LOGO ♦ Approval for use with Foodstuffs  ♦ Hoses with this Symbol have One or More National and/or International Approvals & Certificates of Conformity that Allow them to be used in Food Applications
FLAME-LOGO ♦ Flame Retardant  ♦ Hoses with the Flame Retardant Icon have One or More National and/or International Approvals Classifying them as Flame Retardant or Self-Extinguishing
COLOR-LOGO ♦ Partially Colored  ♦ Transparent Hoses can be Manufactured with a Color Stripe Along the Helix in a Specified Color  ♦ Strengthen your Market Position by Utilizing your Corporate Colors
Conductive-LOGO ♦ Antistatic & Electrically Conductive Hoses  ♦ According to the New ATEX Directive, Hoses with a Discharge-Capable (Antistatic <10Ω) or Electrically Conductive (<103  Ω to < 106  Ω) Wall Should be used for Combustible Bulk Materials as wells as in Hazardous Areas
WIRE-LOGO ♦ Special Wire Adhesion  ♦ Hoses Manufactured using Special, Highly Advanced, Multi-Stage Adhesion Process  ♦ There is an Exceptionally Long Service Life Realized with These Products – Even When Subjected to Severe Combined Loads 
Cut-Lengths-LOGO ♦ Cut Lengths
EU-FOOD-LOGO ♦ Glass/Fork Symbol  ♦ Official Approval from an Independent Testing Institute for use in Food Applications in Accordance with the EU Directive
Antistatic-LOGO ♦ Permanently Anti-Static < 109 Ω
Patent-LOGO ♦ Patented  ♦ These Products are Marked with the NORRES “Patented Icon” Providing Unique Products and solutions in the Technical Hose Field
HT-PUR-LOGO ♦ HT-PUR: Pre-PUR® is Improved even Further with an Innovative & Patented Process that Increases the Heat Resistance & Life of the Hose
Phthalat-LOGO ♦ Phthalate-Free  ♦ Hoses with this Symbol are 100% Free of Phthalates & Softener
Media-LOGO ♦ Media  ♦ You can Recognize the Suitability of Hoses for Specific Medias at a Glance  ♦ The Icon “Media” Distinguishes Between Gaseous, Liquid and Fine Dust Medias as well as Solids and Heavy Loads
GAS-LOGO ♦ Gas  ♦ For all Hoses which are Suitable for Gaseous Media
Liquid-LOGO ♦ Liquid  ♦ For All Hoses Which Transport Liquid Media
Solids-LOGO ♦ Solids  ♦ For All Hoses which Transport Solids
Dust-LOGO ♦ Dust  ♦ For all Hoses which Transport Powdery Media

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