Nylon Hose Sleeve


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  • Our sleeve is woven from thousands of nylon filaments into a self-renewing, abrasion-resistant fabric sleeve. As it is scuffed and worn,
    its filaments friz forming an even thicker more protective shield. This smooth-bore sleeve is easily installed over hose, chains, cables, or
    springs and may be secured with nylon cable ties or band-clamps.
  • As a hose cover, it provides outstanding personal injury protection to equipment operators by deflecting the spray of hot hydraulic fluids
    in the event of a hose failure.
  • It also extends individual hose life in severe abrasive environments.
  • It is an excellent product for holding two or more hoses in a single bundle.
  • For hose groups that must follow the same flex pattern, bundling will provide identical flex memory to all hoses in group bundle.
  • In some cases, it eliminates the need for bulkhead couplings by shielding hoses that must pass through metal openings.
  • It protects painted finishes when used as a flexible cover for chains, cables, and springs.



SKU Outside Flat “A” (in) Nom ID “B” (in)
SLV-077/125 1.25 0.77
SLV-090/150 1.50 0.90
SLV-114/188 1.88 1.14
SLV-125/203 2.03 1.25
SLV-138/225 2.25 1.38
SLV-153/250 2.50 1.53
SLV-159/256 2.56 1.59
SLV-175/281 2.81 1.75
SLV-185/300 3.00 1.85
SLV-238/381 3.81 2.38
SLV-264/425 4.25 2.64
SLV-286/456 4.56 2.86
SLV-296/475 4.75 2.96
SLV-366/581 5.81 3.66
SLV-394/630 6.30 3.94
SLV-450/700 7.00 4.50

Hose Sleeve Technical Data


  • Cordura or Anso-tex bulk nylon fiber yarn. Cordura is a registered trademark of Dupont. Anso-tex is a registered trademark of Allied Fibers.


  • 0.090″ ± 0.020″, Doubled Flat


  • Black


  • Passes FMVSS 302 horizontal flame text, MSHA accepted


  • Maximum ambient temperature 250ºF

Private Labeling Available


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