PTFE tape specifically
made for your application.

 The density of the PTFE in the tape goes a long way to determining the tapes quality.

The stuff readily found in the plumbing stores, hardwares and big box lumber yards is usually 0.35 g/cm3 of PTFE. Our economical wrap has twice the PTFE seal tape, 0.7 g/cm3.

Our premium wraps are at least twice the PTFE seal tape of our economical wrap, 1.5 g/cm3.

An easy way to compare different wraps is to open a roll and squeeze the roll.

The low density will deflect more than our economical wrap and our economical wrap will deflect more than our premium wraps. That is directly related to the amount of PTFE in this industrial teflon tape.


Width of PTFE tape is determined by the size of the threads.

  •    1/4″ wide tape is good for 1/8″ through 1/4″ threads.
  •    1/2″ wide tape is good for 3/8″ through 1-1/4″ threads.
  •    3/4″ wide tape is good for 3/4″ through 2″ threads.
  •    1″ wide tape is good for 3″ through 4″ threads.
  •    For thread sealing 1-3 wraps is recommended

One of our six types of PTFE tape will meet your needs.



Economical PTFE tape (White)

Thread seal tape for the budget minded. Suitable for low pressure, air, water and hydraulic applications. Particularly suited for plastic fittings.

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Maximum Density Pink PTFE Tape

A high quality thread seal tape for those wanting the best seal in water and hydraulic applications. Excellent high pressure sealing. Two to three wraps is all that is needed. It does not string or shred during application.

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Tough Jobs Gold PTFE Tape

Thickest and densest PTFE tape for chemical applications where high quality sealing is imperative. This premium quality tape provides a positive seal with just one and a half wraps. 

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Oxygen Green PTFE Tape

Extra processing makes this degreased tape suitable for Oxygen use. BAM approved. This high density tape is used widely within the oxygen industry.

Our Green PTFE thread sealing tape is free of any residual petroleum fraction and is safe to use on oxygen systems.

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Yellow PTFE Tape To Use For LP and Natural Gas Connections

Certified for use on LPG and natural gas connections in the United States, Canada and other countries. Easily identifiable post installation. Indefinite shelf life.

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PTFE Tape For Stainless & Aluminum

PTFE and nickel tape not only seals threads but works as an anti-seize as well. No more galling or seizing on stainless connections. Suitable for high pressure applications. Our stainless steel thread sealing PFTE Tape is a unique product which prevents stainless steel pipes and fittings galling or seizing during both assembly and disassembly. 

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