Oxygen Green PTFE Tape

Extra processing makes this degreased tape suitable for Oxygen use. BAM approved. This high density green Teflon tape is used widely within the oxygen industry.

Our Green PTFE thread sealing tape is free of any residual petroleum fraction and is safe to use on oxygen systems.

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What’s so special about Green PTFE thread sealing tape?

PTFE thread sealing tape is extruded with the aid of a petroleum based solvent. This solvent poses no problem if the tape is used on lines carrying potable water or most gases but it is combustible when exposed to pure oxygen, our Green PTFE tape is free of residue solvent during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, our green PTFE tape is manufactured to the maximum possible density. Therefore, this green Teflon tape is effective to very high pressures.

High density Green PTFE thread sealing tape has significant advantages:

  •    Suitable for oxygen systems and other gases
  •    Provides an impenetrable barrier to oxygen at pressures up to 200 bar
  •    Wide temperature range,-268″C (-450’F) to 260’C (500″F)
  •    Will not string or shred
  •    Only a few wraps required
  •    Tested and approved by B.O.C. and Bundesanstalt fur
  •    Materialforschung und-Prufung
  •    And its distinctive green colour makes it easy to identify.

Our Green PTFE thread sealing tape is superior to liquid thread sealants.

Liquid thread sealants for oxygen systems based on fluorinated oils are expensive, our green thread sealing tape is cleaner, easier to use and only costs a few cents per joint.

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