Maximum Density Pink PTFE Tape

A high quality thread seal tape for those wanting the best seal in water and hydraulic applications. Excellent high pressure sealing. Two to three wraps is all that is needed. It does not string or shred during application.

Our maximum density pink industrial PTFE tape provides a more reliable and cost effective seal on both metal and plastic pipes and fittings when compared to liquid sealant or pipe dope, the pink industrial PTFE Tape is vastly superior and consistently more reliable than cheaper low density tapes.

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What’s so special about our pink PTFE industrial tape.

Our pink industrial PTFE tape is manufactured to the highest density of any PTFE thread sealing tape on the market. Ordinary PTFE tapes are stretched during the manufacturing process as a cost cutting measure, Stretching reduces the density of a tape by increasing its porosity, It’s not uncommon to find PTFE tape stretched 600% or more with a void volume greater than 80%. These low density tapes cause leaks and costly call backs, used in engineering, manufacturing, building, construction, mining and shipping industries to ensure superior seals on all threaded pipe joints. Our pink industrial PTFE tape is guaranteed unstretched.

High density Pink Industrial PTFE Tape has significant advantages:

Provides an impenetrable barrier to gases
Wide temperature range, -260’C to 200’C
Suitable for metal or plastic pipes and fittings
Will not string or shred
Fewer wraps required
And its distinctive color coding makes it easy to identify.

Our pink industrial PTFE tape is superior to liquid thread sealants.

Unlike pipe dope or anaerobic sealants our Pink Industrial PTFE Tape is clean, non-toxic and has an unlimited shelf life, Pink Industrial PTFE Tape is cheaper to use – costing only a few cents per joint.

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