PTFE Tape For Stainless & Aluminum

PTFE and nickel tape not only seals threads but works as an anti-seize as well. No more galling or seizing on stainless connections. Suitable for high pressure applications.

Our stainless steel thread sealing PFTE Tape is a unique product which prevents stainless steel pipes and fittings galling or seizing during both assembly and disassembly. The PTFE tape is impregnated with nickel powder which acts likes microscopic bearing plates, keeping the surfaces of the threads apart. An added feature of our stainless steel thread sealing PFTE tape is the well above average thickness and density ensuring effective seals.

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  •    Compatible with a broad range of gases and liquids
  •    Compatible with a wide range of piping materials
  •    No curing time
  •    Effective across a broad temperature range
  •    Non-toxic
  •    Non-flammable
  •    Clean
  •    Unlimited shelf life

 Click here to buy PTFE tape for Stainless & Aluminum

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