The Best Time for a Maintenance and Reliability Audit

The BEST time to carry out a maintenance and reliability audit on a piece of hydraulic equipment is BEFORE you buy it.

By starting with the end in mind, you get the reliability outcomes you desire – before the machine even gets delivered.

For example:

You specify the contamination control targets you want to achieve based on your reliability objectives for the piece of equipment.

And instruct the manufacturer to deliver the machine appropriately equipped to achieve these targets.

Based on the weight and viscosity index of the hydraulic oil you plan to use, you determine the minimum viscosity and therefore the maximum temperature you want the machine to run at.

And instruct the manufacturer to deliver the machine equipped with the necessary cooling capacity, based on ambient temperatures at your location. Rather than accepting hydraulic system operating temperatures dictated by the machine’s ‘design’ cooling capacity – as is the norm.

And we could continue by specifying things like flooded inlet for all pumps and so on. But you get the idea.

So the next time you or the company you work for are looking to acquire hydraulic equipment, begin with the end in mind.

Define your maintenance and reliability objectives in advance and make them an integral part of your equipment selection process.     Craig Cook

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