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 Hydraulic Flareless Compression Fitting


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Compression Fittings

The Hydraulic Flareless Compression Fitting is a flareless fitting that consists of a body, a one piece ferrule and a nut.  Our fittings meet or exceed the requirements of SAE J514.  When assembled, the ferrule bites (Bite Type Fitting) into the outer surface of the tube with enough strength to hold the tube against pressure and seal the fluid, without considerable distortion of the inside diameter of the tube.

Hydraulic Compression Assembly


A.  The ferrule in our compression fittings forms pressure tight seals with the tube and the fitting body.  When properly assembled, the wedging action of the ferrule will cause the end of the tube to press firmly against the seat in the body.  This action will cause the tube to develop a small indention on the bottom of the tube.  

B.  As the ferrule moves forward, it contacts the tapered seat of the body, which causes the ferrule to cam inward into the tube.  The leading edge of the hardened ferrule makes a clean 360º cut into the outside diameter of the tube.   This cut is termed the bite.  As the ferrule makes its bite, a small ridge of material is plowed up in front of the ferrule.  This intimate contact of the tube ridge with the ferrule’s front face and bite edge gives the fitting its ability to retain high pressure without leaking or blowing off.  A second seal point is created between the now bowed ferrule and the fitting body seat.

C.  As the ferrule bites into the tube, the mid section will bow and the inside diameter of the back area firmly grips the tube.

All Compression Fittings come with the ferrule(s) and nut(s).


Reference Information from Parker Hannifin Tube Division 4300 Catalog

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