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WARNING: Hydraulic Injury

Today I just want to share an incident that is a reminder to us all NEVER to be complacent when working on or around hydraulic equipment.

The dangers are always present, as this story illustrates:
An operator was using a high-pressure hydraulic tool, when the hose ruptured at the ferrule. As a result, high-pressure fluid came into contact with the operator’s hand.
On presenting an Emergency, the initial prognosis was “keep clean and rest”. By chance, a specialist doctor observed and intervened.
The mineral oil had already started to “eat away” fatty tissues in the hand and was travelling up the arm. The injured person had five operations to cut away oil deposits and at one point faced the prospect of losing his arm.

To fully appreciate the damage that hydraulic fluid under pressure can cause, you need see this photo of the injury.

If you’re squeamish, BE WARNED – it is very graphic.

Click here to see injury!

So make sure you know the ‘beast’ you’re dealing with. Educate yourself. And if you ever have any doubts when working on hydraulic equipment, consult a qualified engineer or technician.

But above all else, NEVER be complacent around hydraulic equipment.
Craig Cook

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