XLPE Chemical Hose – Cut Lengths

XLPE Hose ImageApplications:

  • Used for the Suction and Transfer for a Variety of Chemicals and Solvents
  • Will Handle 90% of the Chemicals Found in Chemical Refineries, Chemical Trucks and Tankers.


  • Clear Cross Linked Polyethelene (XLPE) which is Excellent with Most Chemicals
  • Do Not Confuse XLPE with the Chemical Properties of Standard Polyethylene Properties.  They are Not the Same
  • To help to Determine if this Hose is the Correct Hose for your Application, Look up Your Application on the Chemical Resistance Chart at Look at the Rating for XLPE.


  • Green EPDM Formulated for Ozone and Chemical Resistance
  • Reinforced with High Tensile Helix Wire between Multiple Piles of Textile Cords


  • Ambient Temperature:  -40°F to +212°F  w/250°F Intermittent


SKU ID (in) OD (in) Working psi Braids Bend Radius (in) Weight (lbs per foot)
XLPE-075 3/4 1.21 250 4 5 0.32
XLPE-100 1 1.51 250 4 6 0.38
XLPE-125 1-1/4 1.72 250 4 7 0.45
XLPE-150 1-1/2 1.99 250 4 9 0.61
XLPE-200 2 2.52 250 4 11 0.75


It is Advisable to Test the Tube Material Under Actual Service Conditions Prior to Use

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