UHMWPE Chemical Hose



Used for the UHMWPE Hose Imagethe Suction and Transfer for a variety of chemicals and acids.  Will handle 98% of the chemicals found in Chemical Refineries, on Chemical Trucks and Tankers.



Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) which is excellent with most chemicals.  To help to determine if this hose is the correct hose for your application, look up your application on the Chemical Resistance Chart and look at the rating for UHMWPE.



Blue EPDM formulated for Ozone and Chemical Resistance



Hose Assemblies are Assembled Using Four 5/8″ 302 Stainless Steel Center Punch Clamps.


Application Suction & Discharge of a Variety of Chemicals & Solvents
Cover Blue EPDM with Ozone and Chemical Resistance
Reinforcement High Tensile Helix Wire between Multiple Plies of Textile Cords
Ambient Temperature -40°F to +212°F w/ 250°F Intermittent
SKU ID (inch) OD (inch) Working Pressure (psi) Braids Bend Radius (inch)
UHMWPE-075 3/4 1.21 250 4 5
UHMWPE-100 1 1.51 250 4 6
UHMWPE-125 1-1/4 1.72 250 4 7
UHMWPE-150 1-1/2 1.99 250 4 9
UHMWPE-200 2 2.52 250 4 11

It is Advisable to Test the Tube Material Under Actual Service Conditions Prior to Use

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