Parker Hannifin 91N Hose End Crimp Dimensions

Everything we have been saying about any crimper can crimp our hose ends goes out the window when crimping Parker’s 91N hose ends on 100R14 hose.  When crimping Parker’s 91N Series Hose Ends, a flare is created that is critical for an acceptable crimp.  To get the crimp you’re looking for, a Parker Crimper is needed with a Parker Die.  If you don’t have the crimping equipment you need to crimp the 91N Series Hose Ends, can make your assemblies for you.

If you do have a Parker Crimper, the dies needed and the silver die ring, here are your crimp specifications.

Parker Hannifin 91N Series Hose Ends

Check Your CrimpHow to measure a hydraulic crimp

After you crimp your hose, get your calipers out and confirm that your crimp matches the Parker hose crimp chart.  Avoid a failed hose end leaking or worst yet, a blow off.

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