HF 069E SAE 100R5 Crimp Dimensions

R5 Bubble vs Straight


SAE 100R5 Hose ID Bubble Crimp HF-069E Series & WeatherHead 069E Hose End Collet Flat Side
-04R5 3/16 0.525 T-400-54C Up
-05R5 1/4 0.585 T-400-55C Up
-06R5 5/16 0.680 T-400-56C Up
-08R5 13/32 0.765 T-400-57C Up
-10R5 1/2 0.910 T-400-58C Up
-12R5 5/8 1.080 T-400-59C Up
16R5 7/8 1.275 T-400-60C Up
-20R5 1 1/8 1.520 T-400-61C Up
-24R5 1 3/8 1.730 T-400-70C Up

*Line Color = Ring Color


Check Your Crimp 

How to measure a hydraulic crimpAfter you crimp your hose, get your calipers out and confirm that your crimp matches the chart.  Avoid a failed hose end leaking or worse, a blow off.

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