Cam Lock Couplers



Cam Locks, or Cam and Groove as some people call them, are some of the simplest to use couplers to connect a low pressure or transfer hose to a tank or to connect multiple hoses together.  It is popular because it is also an economical way of connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting where frequent changes of hoses is needed.  Almost any product can flow through a cam lock.  From food, water, fuel, hydraulics to sand, grout and pellets.  Just about every industry has uses for cam locks!


The Connection

Cam_Lock_Connect When making a connection, open the cam levers on the coupler and slide the adapter into the coupler.  Normal hand pressure will push the adapter until it seats on the seal inside the coupler.  Press both of the cam levers down.  That action will pull the adapter tight against the gasket in the coupler for a leak free connection.

When uncoupling, it is just as easy to do.  Lift both cam levers and remove the adapter from the coupler.


The Part Number



The part number starts with the size.  The size is different than the sizing in other areas on the web site. 050 = 1/2″ , 100 = 1″, 200 = 2″, 250 = 2-1/2″ until you reach 1000= 10″.  The size represents both ends of the individual adapter or coupler.  If the adapter or coupling is a jump size, the order of the sizes in the part number matches the description of the adapter or coupler.

Next is a dash followed by the type.  The type is usually 1, 2 or up to 3 letters or numbers grouped together.  This link will show all the types we offer.

Another dash followed by the material making up the body of the cam lock.  We supply:


Chemical Resistance

Many mediums will flow through a Cam Lock.  The different body material are available to withstand whatever your material is.  This Chemical Resistance Chart will help you to pick out the best material for your application, including the gasket material inside the coupler.

Under no circumstances should Cam Lock Couplings be used for compressed air or steam service!

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