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FlareTite Seals

Make JIC Flared Fittings “Leak-Free”


Flaretite Install

FlareTite Seal Development

The cost of servicing leaking fittings, downtime for machinery, facility contamination and high environmental clean-up cost were the driving forces behind the development of the FlareTite Seal.

FlareTite Seals use the unique combination of stainless steel insert stamping and Loctite™ Sealant.  Loctite™ is the world’s leader in sealing compounds, and the FlareTite Seal is the ultimate solution for eliminating leaking gas or fluid from flared tube and hose connections.


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The FlareTite Seal is a metal stamping, designed with multiple concentric sealing rings.  The entire seal is coated with a dry-to-the-touch baked on Loctite™ sealant.  When inserted into a fitting, the concentric rings form multiple seals down the face of the flare, while the Loctite™ coating fills minor imperfections, dramatically increasing the integrity of the fitting.  New ISO and NFPA standards strongly recommend seals for all fittings.


Flaretite Install Cutout

The Result

The FlareTite Seal is a permanent, “Leak-Free” connection, which exceeds the performance of today’s ORFS fittings, and at a significantly lower cost.  Our seal maintains the low profile, versatility and world-wide availability of flared fittings.  Flared connections fitted with FlareTite Seals are today’s answer to low cost, high integrity, “Zero-Leak” fittings, while complying with international standards.  



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