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Having a total cost of an order, including taxes and freight, is what many people are looking for at checkout from an e-commerce site.  Coming up with freight rates for the 200,000+ SKUs that we offer is challenging.    We estimate those freight charges based on a percentage of the dollar amount of the order.  That estimate is invoiced on the initial order shipment.  Any back orders on estimated freight orders does not have freight added to those invoices.  It’s not our intention to make money with our shipping.  But, it is our intention to cover those costs. 

Sometimes the freight charges look ridiculous.  An example is a small expensive part.  The cost to ship is much less than the formula.  In those cases you should read further, Ways to Control Freight Cost.  


Ways to Control Freight Cost

 1. Collect Shipments

We also ship UPS or FedEx collect.  By doing that, the freight charges go directly to you at the rates your company has negotiated with either UPS or FedEx.  With this method, HoseandFittings.com has no say in what your company pays for your shipment.

 2. Invoice Published Freight Rates

If you like the idea of being billed the carrier’s published rates but don’t know your company’s UPS of FedEx account number, there is an option at check out allowing you to select, billing at the carrier’s published rates.  By selecting this option, your order will not have the freight charges on the order at check out.  Those charges will be added on shipment and will be the carrier’s published shipment amount.  You will be invoiced the carrier’s published rates on any back orders.  To avoid any back order freight charges, check the “Ship this order when complete” at checkout on the Shipping Service screen. 

We only calculate freight charges for shipments in the USA with the exception Alaska and Hawaii.  Anywhere else is billed at carrier’s published rates and added to the shipment at the time of shipment.  Or, we can ship and have the freight company charge the freight charges directly to your company at your negotiated rates. 


Premium Shipping Services

UPS and FedEx are delivering more and more 7 days a week in areas.  Our premium shipping is assuming that we are shipping Monday – Friday before 3pm Eastern Time and that the material is readily available.  Unless specified for Saturday delivery, an order shipping Friday Next Day Air will not arrive, at the earliest, until Monday.


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