Hose Ends Guaranteed to be Inserted Properly and Crimped per Spec

Do your hose ends look like these?

hose ends

Not long ago the major manufactures claimed their hose, ends, and crimpers were the only thing you could use to make their hose assemblies or the warranty was void.

Here’s the real story

Have you ever tried to have the “manufacturer” step up and replace a hose because of pre-mature failure? It’s pretty hard to do. (We tried it once and they gave us the excuse “Did you really blow the dust out of it well enough when you cut the hose”.)

Here’s the facts

Hoses are manufactured to a SAE or DIN specification. Our hose ends have crimp specifications for the different SAE or DIN hoses.

As long as it is inserted properly and final crimp is within tolerance our manufacturer stands behind the product and so do we!

To the point that our ends will crimp to specifications in the major manufacturer’s crimpers.

  • We GUARANTEE the hose is inserted properly and crimped per spec.
  • We have all the standard configurations that major manufactures have.
  • We have hose ends that will crimp in your crimper.

Best point – Our ends are USA made. The major manufacturers can’t say that.

You get a substantial cost savings!

 I’ll have samples of the major manufactures with me so you can see the differences.


Craig Cook

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