Use the STAMPED hose selection to specify what hose to use


Pressure: Pressure to which the assembly will be exposed


The most important step in the hose selection process is knowing system pressure, including pressure spikes.

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: This is the maximum pressure that the system should be exposed to in normal operating conditions.  This pressure should be dicatated by the relief setting of the system.  Both the hose and hose ends should not be rated to a pressure less than the maximum operating pressure of the system.
  • Pressure Spikes: When a hydraulic system is subjected to a large load in a short period of time, the system pressure can overshoot the relief setting and exceed maximum operating pressure.  Frequent pressure spikes can reduce the life of hydraulic hose assemblies.

Hose assembly working pressures must be equal to or greater than the system pressure.  Pressure spikes greater than the maximum working pressure will shorten hose life and must be taken into consideration.

Any time a hose assembly is to be exposed to external pressures, which may exceed the internal hose pressures, be sure to contact us for recommendations.


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