What’s the most common problem with hydraulics?


It’s a simple problem really. If you understand percentages – and I know you do, then overheating problems are easy to get a handle on.

You see, it’s a balancing act between the percentage of input power lost to heat and the percentage of heat dissipated by the system – mainly the heat exchanger.

Take a system with an input power of 100 kilowatts.

If it’s 80 percent efficient, it’s creating 20 kilowatts of heat load.

If the exchanger is dissipating 20 kilowatts of heat then a stable operating temperature will be maintained.

If the system starts to overheat, then either:

  • The system is no longer 80 percent efficient; or
  • The exchanger is no longer dissipating 20 kW of heat.

It’s that simple.


Craig Cook

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