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Brass Fittings

Steel Hydraulic Pipe Fitting

Steel JIC & SAE BOSS Fitting

Steel O-Ring Flat Face Fitting

Steel Flareless Compression Fitting

Steel Metric Fitting

Steel Banjo Fitting

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There are a lot of types of hose.  It depends on the application (what you’re trying to do), the material flowing through it and on and on.  For deciding on a hose, use the STAMPED method to narrow down your choices.  Once you know what hose you want, you can now Build A Hose Online.

Air & Oil Resistant Air Hose

Hydraulic Hose

Pressure Wash Hose

DOT Hose

LPG Hose

Paint Spray Hose

Sewer Cleaning Hose

Sewer Jetting Hose

Steam Hose

Chemical Hose

Chemical Spray Hose

Build A Hose Online

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Hose Ends

Cam Lock Hose Ends

Hydraulic Crimp Hose Ends

No-Crimp Hose Ends

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Thread Sealant Tape

The density of the PTFE in the tape goes a long way to determining the tapes quality.

The stuff readily found in the plumbing stores, hardwares and big box lumber yards is usually 0.35 g/cm3 of PTFE. Our economical wrap has twice the ptfe, 0.7 g/cm3.

We have 6 different types of PTFE tape to meet every one of your needs.

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There are lots of different tubes found on our site; Dot Nylon Air BrakeNylonPVCPolyethylenePolyurethane, and Steel.  Available in both fraction and metric sizes.

DOT Nylon Air Brake Tubing 

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